Monday, January 2, 2012

Free Samples By Mail

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My first post has to be about my current obsession. Finding free samples by mail. I love it. It's the thrill of the hunt, the execution of the form, and the thrill of getting stuff in the mail. The whole process appeals to me.

But, the first part - finding the best offers online, used to be hard. But now I know the best site for free samples by mail is definitely   There's really no comparison.  Although I can't help myself... I still search and look.

I work for surf4freebies.. so it's almost like cheating for me to go to another freebie site. But, I can't help but at least look. And when I find an offer that I think is good, I try to get the same or better for the surf4freebies site.

Regardless... it has become an obsession. My new therapy shall be to write on this blog. And I'm NOT going to always write about getting free samples by mail either. Sorry, but I need to have a life too. But... darn - it is soooo fun looking for companies that are willing to give out great samples by mail just for giving them an address and a chance at impressing me.

Anyway. Today is supposed to be a day off. So, I'll just end this particular post here and come back tomorrow (during work - shhhhhhh ;)) and post again.

Love ya.

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